Weather Based Digital Signage

Weather Based Digital Signage Features


Weather-based advertising is a type of sales strategy, it aims to tailor your advert content to the specific weather conditions. With the weather-based digital signage, retailers have the flexibility to change what they are advertising instantly, whether it’s in their own store or as part of an outdoor advertising network. Using VizanSign software, ad sales can be highly targeted and set to show according to the weather. For example, if the temperature is analyzed to be 30 ℃, the Screen will advertise all the cold beverages & snacks available in store.

Benefits of Weather based Application

  • Broadcasts safety information & display product items using temperature activated content.
  • Helps to display the must-haves of restaurant in a different weathers.
  • Allows hotel guests to plan their activities.
  • Helps participants involved in sports activities to be aware on the weather condition.

Weather based Digital Signage solution is applicable in many sectors, which includes:

  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Reatail Shop
  • Public Place
Weather Based Digital Signage