Weather based Digital Signage

Weather based Digital Signage Singapore

Weather based Digital Signage

How does the Weather based Digital Signage works?

Weather based Digital Signage Player would display the temperature of the environment; it would also analyse the temperature & would display the advertisements or announcements according to the weather or temperature. For example, if the temperature is analysed to be 30 ℃, the TV Screen would advertise all the cold beverages & snacks available in store. Another instance would be, if the weather is detected to be raining, it will display precautions to be followed upon. Or if the weather status is to be sunny, announcements will be displayed to the students to remind them to drink up & to keep themselves hydrated.

Benefits of Weather based Application

- Broadcasts safety information & display product items using temperature activated content
- Helps to display the must-haves of restaurant in a different weathers
- Allows hotel guests to plan their activities
- Helps participants involved in sports activities to be aware on the weather condition

Weather based Digital Signage solution is applicable in many sectors, which includes:

- Retails Shop
- Education
- Supermarkets
- Hotels
- Shopping Centre

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