People Counting Digital Signage

People Counting Digital Signage Singapore

People Counting Digital Signage

VizanSign People Counting software is one of the latest technological innovations that help businesses to generate more accurate data for analyzing customer purchasing habits. Retail store managers will receive accurate date regarding customer traffic, which will help them to analyse the customer’s behaviour. This is known as People Counting software.

How does People Counting Application work in Digital Signage?

For example, The TV will display 3 advertisement (template). Advertisement 1, 2 and 3. So in order to detect, how many people are looking at each Advertisement, a camera will be installed above the TV. This camera will continue to capture the number of people viewing each Advertisement until the end of the day. At the end of the day, the collected data will be. From there, you are able to detect how many people view each Advertisement, how long does they take to view, what are their ages, what are their genders etc.

Benefits of People Counting Application

- Able to improve business in terms of revenue, profit etc.
- Provides charts for audience measurement system
- Able to identify which gender group view the Advertisement most

People Counting Digital Signage solution is applicable in many sectors, which includes:

- Restaurants
- Education
- Shopping Malls
- Hospitals
- Hotels
- Corporate Receptions

People Count Digital Signage
People Count Digital Signage
People Count Digital Signage Singapore

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