Location Based Digital Signage

Location Based Digital Signage Features

Location based Digital Signage Player would be installed in vehicles, which can trace the current location of the audience’s journey. Based on the location entered, the Location based Digital Signage Player would replace the current general contents to the location-based contents.


VizanSign is aiming to surpass the limitation of static digital signage. Digital signage excels at target marketing, enabling advertisers to communicate with target audiences at the specific time and place. Our digital signage solution is advanced to integrate with GPS and GSM, and even Google maps to provide you with an excellent location-based digital signage solution. Our digital signage players can be installed in vehicles, including trains, buses, taxis, and others, and you can trace the live location of those vehicles through GSM and GPS technologies. We also tailor our content based on specific site to display relevant content.

Benefits of Location based Digital Signage Application

  • Allows viewers to be potential customers.
  • Helps to convey the advertisements & market products while in transportation.
  • Helps to convey relevant advertisements to the targeted customers.
  • Engages the viewers with contents based on their locations.
Location Based Digital Signage