Location Based Digital Signage

Location Based Digital Signage Singapore

Location Based Digital Signage

Location based Digital Signage Player would be installed in vehicles, which can trace the current location of the audience’s journey. Based on the location entered, the Location based Digital Signage Player would replace the current general contents to the location-based contents.

How does the Location based Digital Signage works?

In the Location based Digital Signage, a certain radius has to be marked so that vehicles can display the appropriate content when the vehicle enters the radius specified. The content would be linked to a specific intent of buyer, research products and services at the moment in time. When the vehicle leaves the radius, general contents will resume.
The GPS can be combined with digital signage to provide a real time image of the current location of the vehicle you’re interested in.
GPS can be an interesting feature with digital signage and it can be a true lifesaver for passengers who are new to the area and are still trying to navigate in it.
GPS can be integrated with digital signage to display specific content depending on location. For example certain ads or local information can be shown based on the location of the vehicle.
Travel guides can be programmed to display content about any important landmark or event that may be taking place nearby. Although I’d suggest occasionally looking out the window, as well.

Benefits of Location Based Digital Signage

- Allows viewers to be potential customers
- Helps to convey the advertisements & market products while in transportation
- Engages the viewers with contents based on their locations

Location based Digital Signage solution is applicable for transportation vehicles, such as buses and cabs.

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