Gender Detection Based Digital Signage

Gender and Age Detection Based Digital Signage Features


Age & Gender Recognition Digital Signage Player has the ability to display relevant advertisements by analysing the viewer's profile, such as age & gender. For example, if the camera detects a 27 years old male, the advertisements will be narrowed to male related advertisements, in the age group of 25 - 40 years old.

Capture and analyze shopper’s profiles through a digital camera. Shopper’s profiles are determined via face detection, gender and age group determination algorithm. Display the relevant products based on the viewer profile. Retailers will be able to understand the shopper's behavior and to optimize their sales solution.

Benefits of Gender Recognition Application

  • Helps to convey the correct advertisements to the targeted customers.
  • Attracts viewers to view with its eye-catching advertisements.
  • Provides charts for audience measurement system.
  • Assists to understand shoppers’ behaviour.


VizanSign provides high accurate solution for age and gender recognition, with approximate 85.2% & 96.0% respectively. It is robust under different lighting conditions and different angles.

Make an analysis of the viewer’s profile by making use of the Age and Gender Recognition Digital Signage System!

The digital signage is the system that is meant to provide creative and interactive screening solutions for the Android devices or digital media. The digital signage solutions are provided to the individuals by making use of different open sources operating systems and digital signage players. These players are very low priced and popularly used by the employees in order to get fresh updated information on the Internet.

A complete analysis of the viewer’s profile is made by the Age & Gender Recognition Digital Signage system. This system is being used by the retailers, in order to understand the behaviour of the shoppers by making a detailed analysis of their reports. In addition, the system is perfectly suited to convey the right advertisement to the right audience. VizanSign’s software is easy to use & customise, yet it is powerfully designed.

Gender and Age Detection based Digital Signage solution is applicable in many sectors, which includes:

  • Education
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Lift Area
  • Public Place
Gender Detection Based Digital Signage