Entertainment Digital Signage

Digital Signage in Entertainment Sector

VizanSign provides cinema digital menu boards and signage solution that helps to deliver eye-catching information for all your cinema operations. For concession operations, we offer animated combos & branded advertising. For box office and auditoriums, our digital signage delivers real-time show titles, ratings, show times and movie trailer in an attractive format. Our solution helps to manage your auditorium pre-show by displaying marketing messages along entertainment-oriented content and advertising. In addition, we offer customised reports that you can use to run your pre-show advertising program completely in-house.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Campus

  • Show upcoming movie trailers
  • Promote movie tickets and F & B offers
  • Display movie show timings
  • Broadcasts emergency notifications & alerts.
  • Reduces paper clutter & creates a more state-of-the-art atmosphere.
  • Schedules content to convey messages at the proper time & place.
  • Integrates event schedules & information.
  • Displays social media updates & live data for news, weather, sports scores & more.

Entertainment Digital Signage

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Cinema Digital Signage Singapore
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