About VizanSign Digital Signage

About VizanSign Digital Signage

VizanSign specializes in providing customizable digital signage solutions for all types of organizations, from town centre, universities, sports grounds, shopping centre and many more. The digital signage software is all in-house developed by our own local engineers. Our company has been into the digital world since 2014, including R&D for advance signage features and with add-ons experience working with global partners, resellers and customers. Our customer base caters to a wide variety of high-profile sites and organizations across the country.


To develop and implement affordable and fit-for-purpose digital signage solutions for all businesses, regardless of size. We aim to raise customer and employee awareness of information that matters, enabling them to increase revenue streams and to ensure that the ROI time period is kept to a minimum.

Our business

VizanSign is committed to the success of its partners, resellers and customers. We support in their success through effective product development, superb hardware, manufacturing and stellar support. Our company's goal is to enable the eventual convergence of display screen owners, consumers, advertisers, for all types of out-of-home networks & business models.


Though we consider VizanSign Digital Signage Software is the best in the business and the easiest to learn, we provide helpful hints that will make your setup & on-going software to be better & easier. Training can be organised as per client's wish, where either remote or on-site training is available. The training session will consist of in-depth demonstrations & one-to-one user setups of all the applicable features of VizanSign Digital Signage software. We train the basic, outline on how the modules relate, provide handy tips & present advanced feature if you are ready.


VizanSign provides preventative maintenance programmes which are carried out to assist in the prevention of potential failures through inspection, detection, cleaning operations and controlled management of your system. The main purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep equipment working and/or extending the life of your equipment by preventing the failure before it actually occurs with planned maintenance. Preventative maintenance includes the inspection of players, screens, extenders, cabling and the surrounding environment. We provide either remote support or on-site support depending on your requirements.