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Digital Signage, a standard in many banks, is becoming more prevalent in banks, brokerages and insurance companies. Cost-saving, up-sell opportunities & many other benefits are combined with standard enforcements are driving many institutions to invest in digital signage. Below are few of the leading benefits for implementing customer-facing digital messaging, way finding and self service kiosk in lobbies as well as employee facing locations.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Bank & Finance Sectors

- Contrast paper posters with the ease of maintaining fresh, relevant information & matched to marketing campaigns
- Ease of display changes for new messages, rates & etc.
- Up-sell & promote new items with strategic integration of dynamic displays
- Day-part scheduling to show different products based on either time of the day or day of the week
- Remotely updates menu from any Internet location (central control of content)
- Enhances customer experience & helps to reduce perceived waiting period
- Ensures visual consistency & compliance across multiple locations
- Displays emergency messages
- Green friendly
- Use as in-house training for staffs during off hours
- Incorporates HR, upcoming events, specials & other customer targeted messages
- Cost-effective promotions
- Eliminates recurring costs associated with printing & shipping of static materials
- Directional signage can ease way findings
- Kiosks offer a multi dimensional way to display content

Bank Digital Signage Singapore
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Bank Digital Signage

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