Digital Signage in Transportation

Digital Signage in Transportation

Airports have posted Flight Information Displays for years. Today integration with arrival/departure databases is only the beginning. Electronic displays allow rail stations, bus stations, airports, and other transportation facilities to efficiently communicate with travelers.

Transportation Applications

Employee Communications – With any large organization, one of the challenges is to efficiently communicate with staff on the latest happenings. Large format displays help to bring life to this content and disseminate it to all of your back office and break areas.

Schedules – The most important thing you can communicate is real-time updates on arrivals and departures to make sure travelers can easily find the gates and arriving guests at the proper time.

Waiting Areas – Numerous travelers pass through concourses each day. As they sit and wait for transportation, large format displays can rotate through announcements and advertising, as well as entertain guests with stock quotes, weather forecasts, news headlines, and other live data.

Way-finding – It can be difficult for visitors to find their way around large terminals. With a touch-enabled digital signs, visitors can get a personalized path to their destination quickly and easily. Users can also use local maps to get information and directions to hotels, restaurants, and rental care facilities.

Digital Signage Benefits

  • • Broadcast emergency notifications to travelers
  • • Display current travel conditions and schedules
  • • Centrally control and schedule announcements
  • • Incorporate advertising
  • • Display headline news, local weather, sports scores and more