Gender Recognition

Gender Recognition in Android, Windows, and Linux

Gender Recognition

VizanSign has researched gender recognition software in different platform like Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. In the world market VizanSign provides first real time gender recognition apps in Android. You download from play store and install in android hardware and you try the free demo and this Apps support minimum Android version 3.0. Our Gender Recognition application is 100% real time application in Android.

Benefits for Gender Recognition Application :

  • • Gender Recognition application using in Digital Signage Technologies.
  • • It has helped to reach the correct ads to the targeted customers.
  • • It is given charts for audience measurement system.
  • • This is very useful in set-top box also.

Accuracy :

VizanSign provides highest accuracy for gender recognition is 96.0%. So our research team gives better output for this. This is software, which is very easy to use and is very powerfully designed. Also, it is very easy to be customized. VizanSign is provide gender recognition software Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Make an analysis of the profile of the viewer by making use of the age and gender recognition digital signage system!!!

The digital signage is the system that is meant to provide creative and interactive screening solutions for the android devices or digital media. The digital signage solutions are provided to the individuals by making use of different open sourced operating systems and digital signage players. These players are very low priced and popularly used by the employees in order to get fresh with the updated information on the internet. The age recognition digital signage solutions are provided after making an analysis of the profile of the viewer.

Also, a complete analysis of the viewer’s profile is made by the gender and age recognition digital signage system. This system is being used by the retailers, in order to understand the behavior of the shoppers by making a detailed analysis of their reports. Also, this system is perfectly suited to make a right advertisement for the right audiences. These digital signage solutions are applicable in many places including:

  • • Restaurants.
  • • Education
  • • Fashion
  • • Hospital
  • • Hotels
  • • Receptions of the corporate, etc.