Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition in Android, Windows, and Linux

Face Recognition

VizanSign has researched facial recognition software in different platform like Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. In the world market, VizanSign provides first real time face recognition apps in Android. You download from play store and install in android hardware and you try free demo and this Apps support minimum android version 3.0. Our Facial Recognition application is 100% real time application in Android.

Accuracy :

VizanSign provides highest accuracy of facial recognition is 96.0% With a clear focus on face recognition technology, we are committed to deliver the best performance available on the market.

Benefits of Facial Recognition Application:

  • • Identify and stop known troublemakers.
  • • It has helped to reach the correct ads to the targeted customers.
  • • Help law enforcement while you keep wanting individuals out of your properties.
  • • Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for staff to monitor entrances.