Digital Signage in Entertainment

Digital Signage in Entertainment

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VizanSign cinema digital menu boards and signage help you deliver eye-catching information for all your cinema operations. For concession operations, we offer animated combos and branded advertising. For box office and auditoriums, our digital signage delivers real-time show titles, ratings, show times, and movie posters in a colorful and professional format. Our movie theater solutions manage your auditorium pre-show by displaying marketing messages along entertainment-oriented content and advertising. Plus, we offer customized reports you can use to run your pre-show advertising program completely in-house. Benefits include:

Improve marketing

From testing combos to running pre-show advertisements, VizanSign cinema digital menu boards give you more marketing opportunities, translating to higher revenues.

Our menu boards for movie theaters help customers expedite their decision-making in the concession stand and ticket lines, speeding service. Increase operational efficiency. Auditorium and lobby signage directs moviegoers to the right theater while clear pricing information helps patrons make informed decisions. Use our reporting tools to understand the impact of the signage on sales and promotions.

Box Office Information: Integrate content with the cinema management system to update moviegoers of show times and available seating.

Cinema Management System Integration: Provide players with a list of theatre show times from the central management system, allowing them to automatically build the most suitable content playlist.

Conditions: Match advertising content to movies and location through automatic playlist creation based on movie start times and desired conditions. This way you can make sure that an advertisement for an alcoholic beverage is played prior to a movie rated PG or over, while a spot for children's cereal is associated with a family film.

Dynamic Content: Support for Flash, HTML and Silver light enables the scheduling of interactive content, such as smart phone-controlled games, directly through VizanSign platform.

Video Walls: Easy deployment of video walls spanning several or many screens.


  • • Inventory Management: Monitor the amount of time left in loops to make the most of advertising revenue opportunities.
  • • Priorities: Maximize your loops profitability with the automatic reorganization of preferred and remnant ads. Once your loop is full, low priority spots can be removed to make room for ads of greater importance.
  • • Proof of Play: Deliver correct proof of performance reports to advertisers in industry standard formats
  • • Targeting: Network operators can target national, regional, local or any other grouping of screens with complete freedom and flexibility.