Crowd Density

Crowd Density in Android, and iOS

Crowd Density

VizanSign provide crowd density Apps in Android and iOS. Crowd density estimation is one of the most important applications in visual surveillance, and it plays an essential role in crowd monitoring and management.

For any establishment that sees a heavy footfall on a regular basis, managing crowds while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere is of the utmost importance. This is where crowd density application Singapore helps in understanding and analyzing crowd patterns to help in better management of people, whether they are standing in a queue or shopping around a store. The crowd density application Singapore is useful for both the retail sector and for customers.

It helps people know which places are the most happening, trending places, etc. It also helps people to know if a place will be free for the evening or some other time, rather than showing up and waiting in long queues. It also gives managers of retail stores valuable data on where there is congestion of traffic, to estimate the capacity of specified spaces, and to know what the crowd density is in a specified place at a specified time. This would help them to plan the layout of a store better. They can also improve the management of safety and evacuation protocols by analyzing the data generated. If there is increased congestion of traffic, it can help managers divert the crowds to other areas also.

Accuracy :

VizanSign provides highest accuracy for an approximate age of the person is 85.2%. The age groups accuracy is 92.5% using about 1000 features.

VizanSign apply using the GPU process for face detection and age recognition. So our research team gives better output for this. Currently our team is researching in deeply. In the feature our research team is give the better output.

Benefits for Crowd Density Application :

  • • Reduce queue times and improve queue management.
  • • Helps in reviewing store layout to encourage customers to retain in stores.
  • • Measure and monitor the crowd density, and when necessary, divert the traffic in times of congestion.
  • • Improve safety management and evacuation plans by monitoring occupancy levels.