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Digital Signage in Banks & Finance

Digital Signage in Banks & Finance

Digital Signage, a standard in many Banks, is becoming more prevalent in banks, brokerages, and insurance companies. Cost savings, up-sell opportunities, and many other benefits combined with standards enforcement are driving many institutions to invest in digital signage. Below are a few of the leading benefits for implementing customer-facing digital messaging, way-finding, and self-service kiosks in lobbies, as well as employee facing locations.

Digital Signage Benefits in Banks & Finance

  • • Contrast paper posters with the ease of maintaining fresh, relevant information, matched to marketing campaigns.
  • • Ease of display changes for new message, rates, etc.
  • • Up-sell & promote new items with strategic integration of dynamic displays.
  • • Day-part scheduling to show different products based on time of day/day of the week.
  • • Remotely update menu from any Internet location. (Central control of content).
  • • Enhances the customer experience & helps reduce perceived wait times.
  • • Ensures a visual consistency & compliance across multiple locations.
  • • Display emergency messaging.
  • • Green Friendly.
  • • Use as in-house training for staff during off hours.
  • • Incorporate HR, upcoming events, specials and other customer targeted messaging.
  • • Cost-effective promotions.
  • • Eliminate recurring costs associated with printing and shipping of static materials.
  • • Directional Signage can ease wayfinding.
  • • Kiosks offer a multi-dimensional way to display content.