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Digital Signage Singapore

VizanSign digital signage company provides smart and best digital signage media players in Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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VizanSign Digital Signage TV

Digital Display Singapore

Best and Smart Digital Signage Singapore

VizanSign has provided and supports thousands of VizanSign digital signage players and other products in a myriad of different markets including banking, education, financial, retail, money changer, hotels, restaurant, shopping malls, transport, hospitality and healthcare.

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Digital Display Singapore

Digital Menu Board Singapore

Restaurants Menu Boards Singapore

VizanSign digital signage company provides digital menu borad, touch screen digital menu boards, restaurant menu board panel, digital menu screen panel and restaurant advertising digital menu screen.

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Digital Menu Board Singapore

Android Digital Signage Player

Windows Digital Signage Singapore

VizanSign digital signage company provides android digital signage media player, windows digital signage media player, linux digital signage media player, and mac digital signage media player.

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Android Digital Signage Player

Video Wall Singapore

Interactive Video Wall Singapore

VizanSign digital signage supplier provide digital signage video wall tv screen, video wall solution, videowall zero bezel tv screen, and video wall tv supplier.

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Video Wall Singapore

Kiosk Singapore

Touch Screen Kiosk Singapore

The value of digital signage equipment versus static information and advertising equipment lies in quality software. It can be tailored for any purpose. The standard is the ability to instantly change the information displayed by the remote CMS command.

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Kiosk Singapore

Digital Signage System Features

Our digital signage system which can support Video, Image, Youtube, Live Streaming, CNA News, Website URL, Text, PowerPoint PPT, PDF, Word Documents, Flash, RSS, Weather, PSI Reading, Digital Clock, Analog Clock, and Singapore Local TV chanels, etc. VizanSign provide different type of Schedule Date Only, Date and Time, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
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Live Streaming

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Digital Signage Word Document

Word Document

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Digital Signage Singapore

VizanSign was established on 2014. It is a Singapore based company where it provides high quality digital signage products and solutions to its clients. The total number of clients we earned and the amount of products we sold throughout the years has been indicated below.

Singapore Clients


Media Players


TV Screen


VideoWall Singapore


Kiosk Singapore


Years of Experience

VizanSign Clients

Some of Singapore clients has been listed below.

Digital Signage in Retail
Retail Shop Digital Signage Singapore
Videowall in Singapore
Videowall Singapore
Digital Signage in Restaurant
Restaurant Digital Signage Singapore
Digital Signage in School
School Digital Signage Singapore
Videowall Solution in Singapore
Videowall Solution Singapore
Interactive Screen in Singapore
Interactive Screen Singapore
team 1
Linux Digital Signage Singapore
Digital Interactive Screen in Singapore
Digital Interactive Screen Singapore
Digital Signage in Education
Education Digital Signage
Digital Display in Singapore
Digital Display Singapore
Singapore in School Digital Signage
Singapore School Digital Signage
Singapore in Education Digital Signage
Singapore Education Digital Signage
Digital Signage for School
School Digital Signage
team 1
School Digital Display Singapore
School Digital Board Singapore
Digital Board School
School Notice Board in Singapore
School Notice Board Singapore
Digital Menu in Singapore
Digital Menu Singapore
Menu Board in Singapore
Menu Board Singapore
Digital Menu Boards in Singapore
Digital Menu Boards Singapore
Singapore Digital Menu Board
Singapore Digital Menu Board
Digital Menu Board
Digital Menu Board
Restaurant Menu Board in Singapore
Restaurant Menu Board Singapore
Digital Directory in Singapore
Digital Directory Singapore
Menu Boards in Singapore
Menu Boards Singapore
Digital Screen in Singapore
Digital Screen Singapore
Digital Panel in Singapore
Digital Panel Singapore
Smart Digital Display
Smart Digital Signage
Video Wall in Singapore
Video Wall Singapore
Visual Digital Signage in Singapore
Visual Digital Signage Singapore
Chruch Digital Display
Chruch Digital Signage
Digital Signage Media Player Singapore
Digital Signage Media Player
Money Exchange Rate in Singapore
Money Exchange Rate Singapore
Digital Menu Display in Singapore
Digital Menu Display Singapore
Hotel Digital Menu in Singapore
Hotel Digital Menu Singapore
Menu Rate Board in Singapore
Menu Rate Board Singapore
Top Digital Signage in Singapore
Top Digital Signage Singapore
LED Advertising Display Singapore
LED Advertising Display Singapore
Top Digital Signage in Singapore
Top Digital Signage Singapore
LED Display Panel Singapore
LED Display Panel Singapore
LED Display Screen Singapore
LED Display Screen Singapore
Outdoor Kiosk Singapore
Outdoor Kiosk Singapore
Outdoor Kiosk Singapore
Restaurant Digital Menu Board Singapore

Digital Signage Types

VizanSign provides all the types of digital signage players in different platform, such as Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Cloud Server Based Digital Signage

  • VizanSign provides Cloud based Digital Signage Players, which works with cloud CMS server remotely. On the server side, you just need to upload your content, create a layout & schedule it to either one or multiple players.
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Local Server Based Digital Signage

  • VizanSign provides Local based Digital Signage Players, which works with local system or local network. On the server side, you just need to upload your content, create a layout & schedule it to either one or multiple players.
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Standalone Digital Signage (USB, Bluetooth)

  • USB is simple plug and play operation. Name the content to display in the order of display and load onto a USB drive. Insert and wait for the signage content to load. No complex software to interfere with the easy media management feature. No networking required.
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Create Dynamic Touch Screen Software

  • Easily customizable touch screen software via VizanSign CMS. Remotely Create engaging interactive signage software solutions that run on all touch screens, tables, kiosk terminals, and video walls. Combine and customize ready-to-use multitouch easily with a minimum of time and cost.
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Location Based Digital Signage

  • Location based Digital Signage Player would be installed in vehicles, which can trace the current location of the journey with GPS system. Based on the location entered, the Digital Signage Player would display the location-based contents.
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Weather Based Digital Signage

  • Weather based Digital Signage Player would display the temperature of the environment; it would analyse the temperature & would display the advertisements or announcements according to the weather or temperature.
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Motion Detection Based Digital Signage

  • Motion Detection Digital Signage Player informs the software on how to behave when it detects motion. For example, the Digital Signage will be playing a general video, once it detects a motion, it will start playing a video targeted to the customer.
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Digital Signage with People Counting

  • Increase the efficiency of advertising on any Digital Signage screen by collecting key information about viewers: number of viewers, their gender, age group and attention time. Make each ad personal by showing targeted commercials. Check the statistics online anytime and anywhere you need it.
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Gender/Age Recognition Based Digital Signage

  • Capture and analyse shoppers profiles through a digital camera. Shoppers profiles are determined via face detection, gender and age group determination algorithm. Customized potential shoppers content display. If the camera detect shopper is 27 years old male, the advertisement will shift to male related advertisement.
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We provides Digital Signage Customised Software. Contact Us For More Info.

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Digital Signage Solutions

VizanSign provides smart digital signage singapore, best digital signage singapore and top digital signage system.

Education Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage in Education

Digital Notice Board Singapore, School Digital Signage Singapore

Every day, more and more schools digital signage, colleges digital signage and university digital signage in singapore are turning to inform, educate and alert their campuses. Primarily deployed in common areas such as cafeterias, student lounges, libraries and facility lobbies, these communication networks provide a critical link between campus administrators and the student body and faculty.

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Banks and Finance Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage in Banks and Finance

Digital Panel Display Singapore, LED Display Advertising Singapore

Bring your financial & banking marketing to life using a network of bank digital signage. VizanSign gives you complete control over your screens with our easy‑to‑use online management system. Our digital signage installation process is quick and easy. Add in the world's largest selection of finance digital signage & bank digital signage solution in singapore, and it's clear that digital signage from Vizansign is the perfect digital signage solution for banks and finance.

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Entertrainment Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage in Entertainment

Display Panel Singapore, Best Digital Signage Singapore

Nowadays, the entertainment industry faces a tough audience who demands more dynamic, colorful and instant content to hold their attention. Digital signage provides a perfect communication platform to convey powerful and entertaining messages through cinema digital signage, sports arenas digital signage, stadiums digital signage, movie theaters digital signage, pubs digital signage, casinos digital signage, etc. It not only broadcasts instant and attractive messages but also creating ambiance of excitement, which is vital to offer a pleasant customer experience.

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Healthcare Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage Solution in HealthCare

Hospital Digital Signage Singapore, Clinic Digital Signage Singapore

Healthcare digital signage solutions are a natural fit for healthcare related industries and organizations that are looking to improve communications within their communities or throughout their professional offices. Ideal for waiting-room areas, lobbies, and self check-in kiosk systems, digital signage can engage, direct and inform patients, freeing up additional staff time. With new technological advances in cellular broadband access, all-in-one systems, and integrated touchscreen displays, digital signage can be easily and securely added and supported throughout a care-facility.

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Digital Menu Board Singapore

Digital Signage in Hotels & Restaurants

Digital Menu Board Singapore, Restaurant Digital Board Singapore

Restaurant digital Signage has become the most important and cost-effective tool in order to address the bottom-line of any restaurant business and that is "Customer satisfaction" and "Increase in sales". Thousands of restaurants understand its importance and have deployed touch screen digital signage menu throughout their establishments over the last few years. They understood the importance of advertising and the advantages that it brings with it. Those who are left are swiftly adapting to this transition.

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project 6

Digital Signage in Money Exchange

Money Changer Rate Board Singapore, Best Digital Signage Singapore

Using digital signage for rate display provides a completely flexible, unique and automated solution to the presentation of foreign exchange rates. If you would like to discuss digital rate boards for your locations, drop us a line. We had be happy to present our solution to you. Our exchange boards provide the information that allows your customers to choose you over the rest! These can be standalone or networked in multiple locations and updated remotely via the internet.

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Retail Shop Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage in Retail Shop

Retail Digital Signage Singapore, Retail Shop Digital Signage Singapore

Retail digital signage grabs your customers’ attention and influence's their purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase. Digital signage opens the door to new design possibilities in retail spaces, creating a digital display that perfectly complements your products and store architecture. With their eye-catching visuals and dynamic messages, retail digital signage displays can transform an unremarkable store visit into an inviting and innovative shopping experience.

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Shopping Malls Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage in Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls Digital Signage Singapore, Smart Digital Signage Singapore

Shoppers today have a higher sense of urgency to quickly locate their intended retail items or stores, make the purchase and move on. Their shopping experience needs to facilitate a new engaging approach to keep them coming back for more. VizanSign digital signage for shopping malls seamlessly meets all of those needs with a multimedia communications’ platform that visually stimulates shoppers to stay and explore more of the store promotions or exciting new items.Shopping malls today need a modern, state-of-art and effective solution to drive more sales and better customer service. Use digital displays to dynamically share all the new sale items, food court menus, or large video walls with runway shows.

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Transport Digital Signage Singapore

Digital Signage in Transportation and Car showroom

Car Showroom Digital Signage Singapore, Airport Digital Signage Singapore

Airport digital signage is all about creation, distribution and playback of relevant content through digital screens at an airport. In other words: showing the right message at the right place to the right audience..

Of course flight information is the most important way of airport digital signage at your airport. But there is so much more you can do with dynamic display communication.Think about using visual communication to optimize the passenger flows through your terminal building or increasing revenues of your tax-free shops with personalized advertising.

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